Project SMMCO

Module for Managers of care organisations


Managers of care organisations are facing nowadays many issues they have to deal with. Recent years much attention is given at a person centred approach, which means that persons who are depending on care are the central persons. This development is in line with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with disabilities and the European Disability Strategy 2020 – 2030. These developments are based on a citizen paradigm in which the persons with a disability need to be treated and respected as a fellow citizen with all the citizens rights.

Many managers of care organisations are providing care services which are not fully in line with this paradigm. Providing services from the citizen paradigm has consequences for the organisation structure, management style, culture and competences of care professionals. All are connected, one cannot without the other. This means that providing self-directed support can e.g. only take place when the structure of the organisation make that possible and that the competences of the care professionals fits with support oriented care. It is not a question if these changes are needed. It is a question of time that these changes must be implemented. Developments in society will demand this.

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